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A Message from Sr. Pastor Tim Green

Calvary Chapel South Pittsburgh - Pastor Tim and Jan Green

In writing down “our” story, we wish to make it clear that it is really not a story about us at all. Rather, the story is all about God. He is worthy to receive all glory and honor for anything that has happened in our lives and in the life of this fellowship. God has perfectly and beautifully orchestrated all that has happened to us over the past several years. With that being said, “His” story, which is being written in South Pittsburgh, is set forth below.

We have been blessed by God and the impact of His word since 1995 when we began attending Calvary Chapel Honolulu. That year, we moved from Ohio to Hawaii where Tim thought he was there to embark upon a long and glamorous college football coaching career. Little did we know that God’s plan for us was much better. The first week Tim was in Hawaii he was invited by a family to attend CC Honolulu. That first Sunday in Hawaii, Tim was blessed by the verse by verse teaching. He had never heard God’s word taught that way before. After the service, he called Jan (She would join him in Hawaii a few weeks later) to tell her that he had found a church home. Over the next four years, they began the process of being “transformed by the renewing of their minds” as God’s word impacted them in profound ways.

​In 1999 God called Tim and Jan to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They began attending Calvary Chapel Pittsburgh which is currently led by Pastor Kevin Mallon. Upon moving into their current home in 2001, and without knowing anyone in their immediate community, they began praying that God would open up doors and an opportunity to start a home fellowship. Through God’s grace that fellowship began in January 2003 on a one night per month basis. In 2010 the fellowship began meeting two times per month. God began calling the leaders of the fellowship to begin weekly services in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Over the past two years we searched for space to meet and have finally been led to start Sunday services in West Elizabeth, PA.

We praise God for all that he has done in our lives!

In His Love,
Tim and Jan

Board of Directors/Elders

Senior Pastor Timothy Green
Senior Pastor at CCSP; President of Board; Elder

Assistant Pastor Zander Shashura
Assistant Pastor at CCSP; Board Member; Elder

Pastor Kevin Mallon
Senior Pastor at CC Pittsburgh- Vice President of Board; Elder

Pastor Rick Massey
Senior Pastor at CC Erie – Secretary of Board; Elder

Andy Meshanko
Treasurer of Board; Elder

Michael Reynolds
Director of Student Ministries; Elder