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CCSP is honored to be apart of the Won By One To Jamaica outreach ministry. Won By One To Jamaica is located in the rural, mountainous community of Harmons in South Central Jamaica. The ministry has strategically intended to have a big impact on this small place by working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people in this community. What an exciting experience to watch God work in this way. We hope you will join us soon in making this happen in your own life and the lives of those you touch in our tiny part of the island.

Won By One To Jamaica is a partnership, a collaboration of people at various places within a life-long journey of discovery of who they are in Christ. Our ministry engages in a process of sharing and receiving, of teaching and learning, of serving and loving. Therefore, we are Changing Lives by Changing Lives.

Short-Term Missions
Won By One To Jamaica’s short-term mission trips provide an opportunity to live and work right in the heart of the community we serve. A relational ministry, we encourage Americans to build friendships with the people of Harmons to share the love of Christ while helping to meet some of their physical needs. Our trips combine hard work, scripture reading, compassionate loving of others, team-building, and individual spiritual growth. As we are working to change lives, our lives are being changed.

Trips are seven-nights and run Sunday to Sunday. The all-inclusive price is $1,500 – that includes airline tickets, food, lodging, construction supplies, ground transportation, a hotel stay in Montego Bay for your off-day, and wages for 40-60 Jamaican workers during the week. Won By One To Jamaica’s staff works hard to prepare all details of the trip—from booking airline tickets to arranging ground transportation to providing construction supplies.

What We Do
The ministries initiatives of Won By One To Jamaica seek to participate in what God is already doing in the Harmons Valley. Through everything we do in our interactions with people, we desire to let them know in words and in actions that they are loved, that they have worth and value as one who bears the image of God. We communicate to others that they, too, are invited to join with God in his mission of restoring the world.

Despite a consistent presence in Harmons for over two decades, there are still inherent limitations that come from teams only being in a community for a short time. We believe that it is always better to work with locals, rather than doing things for them, that they might be able to do just as well on their own. We also aspire to focus on the gifts and talents the community possesses rather than only focus on problems and deficiencies.

House Construction & Repair
Safe and affordable housing is a dire need in the Harmons Valley. Many families choose to live in unsafe conditions, temporary dwellings, or separated from each other. Using a construction method that allows Jamaican masons and American volunteers to work together, a 12′ x 15′ hurricane resistant concrete house is built in five days. Home recipients go through an application and vetting process before becoming eligible to receive a home. The new home-owners participate in gathering some of the material needed to begin the foundation as well as help throughout the construction process. At any one given time there are approximately 200 qualified families on the waiting list. Two to three homes are completed each week with nearly 50 homes completed each year.  There are also varies opportunities to repair decayed roofs and walls, as well as construct house additions and outdoor toilets.

Clarendon Infirmary Outreach
Each Parish in Jamaica maintains a public facility that cares for those with physical & mental disabilities and have no one else to provide care. Due to both underfunding and the inherent challenges found in caring for the residents, the conditions of these facilities are quite harsh. Won By One To Jamaica has partnered with the Infirmary that serves the parish of Clarendon in MayPen. Needed supplies, equipment and are provided when available and each team spends time with the residents. A full-time nurse who concentrates on physical therapy and engaging in creative activities is employed by Won By One To Jamaica.

Intentional Interaction
Much of the ministry in Harmons occurs through building relationships with the people who live in the community. It may be through talking to someone on the work site or enjoying an evening in the courtyard with them. It may be a personal story told while being hosted for dinner in their homes or conversation while shooting hoops at the Harmony House after a long day of serving. Because these experiences are often organic in nature and more freely happen when an alternative agenda is not forcing the conversation, there are many opportunities or ‘free time’ to enjoy the Jamaicans naturally built into the weekly schedule.

Economic Development
Despite having a healthy and highly motivated workforce, the Harmons Valley finds itself with an approximate unemployment rate of 75%. When jobs are available, they are often temporary, lower paying, and require costly transportation outside the community. Although Won By One To Jamaica hires around 50 people each week, those positions only occur when there are team present within the community. Won By One To Jamaica is actively involved in creating full-time employment that both benefits the community as well as being self-sustaining.

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