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The “If we build it, they will come” attitude does not seem to apply to churches these days.  A good friend of mine said that “the lost are not running into churches today, we need to go to them.”  Our church is studying the book of Acts, and one theme is constant, people are saved as the early disciples went to them, where they were.  And then the churches were founded as a meeting place for believers to come together to fellowship, build one another up in the Lord Jesus, and worship.  Some believers had house churches in which I’m sure unbelievers were invited.  As I write this I challenge myself to overcome fears in stepping out into the unknown places where people need to hear the gospel – such as my own workplace.  But as we go about our days – at work, school, in the marketplaces, malls and everyday life – let us be salt of the earth and trust that God does give us divine appointments.  Sometimes just being available is all it takes to have a wonderful encounter.